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The Sinéquanone label is synonymous with up-to-date, urban, affordable fashion, designed specially for that rarest of creatures, the real woman. Everlastingly chic and elegant, the Sinéquanone woman is no stereotype, and her clothes echo her attitude to life: feminine, alluring, and modern.​ 


The brand has 32 points of sales in Asia (Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore and Philippines).


When Kookaï was founded 30 years ago, it placed its faith in knitwear. Over time, the brand has built solid credentials in the fashion world. Today, Kookaï is followed by generations of fashion lovers.

Constantly attracting new talent, Kookaï works with teams of hip designers, impertinent advertisers and trendy bloggers. Very well-established, the brand offers an alternative vision of current fashion trends.


The brand is known for his chic and coloured wardrobe, the brand rapidly developed its product to include a complete range for men, women and children in its casual chic style. VICOMTE A. is offering a total look of high quality at an affordable price. The Brand is available in more than 300 points of sales in the world, the distribution network continues his development in France and internationally. 


New collections, new visual identity, new shopping experience, high quality customer and global growth. Jennyfer is now the fashion signature of the young community.


The brand has 400 stores worldwide.

Faux pas paris, colorful and unique brand from France, emotionalizes French sensibility. It is a brand of customized jelly shoes which could embellish the only shoes with ornaments called jams. Their keywords are colourful, playful, fun, and fresh. They always show the shoes collection with fun of colorful whenever sunny days or rainy days.


[FAUX PAS is a French word-meaning “miss one’s footing”] 


Beaumanoir Group

The Beaumanoir Group, pioneer and leader of women’s ready-to-wear products in France, operates 4 activities and 6 brands in 2,600 stores all over the world.

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